03.08.08 | Adventure of the week

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Well, I was hoping for a quiet week, what with being all sinus-y and all, but life does not always go as planned. It was an exciting, eventful week, and I am now looking forward to a (hopefully) quieter weekEND.  The kids will be at my mom’s, so I see a movie-fest for hubby and me in our immediate future.

We have church events on Wednesday nights.  The kids and I meet hubby there after work, and I bring his dinner.  This Wednesday, when I went to put his dinner together, I noticed  the freezer didn’t feel all that cold.  Hmm…neither did the fridge.  Consequently, the kids and I stayed home Wednesday night.  I loaded up all our food to store in a friend’s fridge, and scheduled service for Thursday.  Luckily, he was able to fix it and we did not need to buy a new fridge.  Thursday was spent dealing with the repairs and then reloading all the food.  If you are hungry, stop on by…chicken has been on sale recently.  How many different ways can you fix chicken?  Can you eat enough chicken so that the kids never want to see another piece of chicken in their lives?  We will find out.

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