03.11.08 | Another week, another adventure

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I know I should be writing a book review today, but there has been a change in plans.  I will write the book review on Friday (Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss) and do the week’s highlight today.  I had thought the week’s highlight would be about K’s birthday (which is tomorrow), but hubby had other […]

03.08.08 | Adventure of the week

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Well, I was hoping for a quiet week, what with being all sinus-y and all, but life does not always go as planned. It was an exciting, eventful week, and I am now looking forward to a (hopefully) quieter weekEND.  The kids will be at my mom’s, so I see a movie-fest for hubby and […]

02.29.08 | A return to normal

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My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer last summer. It’s been a harrowing 6 months. She ended up in the ICU with life-threatening infections twice and had to stop chemotherapy halfway through. Now, though, she is done with her surgeries, chemo, and radiation. A couple weeks ago, there was evidence of a “return to normal”. […]

02.26.08 | Everything Old is New Again

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I don’t know if you have heard, but there is a new Indian Jones movie coming out this spring. My kids are now the age I was when the first Indy came out.  They have seen all the Indy movies, and are looking forward to the new one.  Our son also loves Legos, and, consequently, […]

02.25.08 | One reason I was not posting

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I admit I am spoiled. Hubby has a wonderful job that requires very little traveling. When we were first married, he traveled more. Even though it was only for a little while, and it was a long time ago, I remember, and appreciate that he doesn’t travel now. At least, he doesn’t travel much. Except […]

01.24.08 | Brrr…

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Yes, this is a space heater. It is positioned right next to my sink in the bathroom. After a hot shower, a cold room makes a grumpy me… Consequently, meet Mr. Space Heater. It is cold, dark, and rainy today – a perfect day to sit with a pot of coffee and Beethoven. The kids […]

01.15.08 | Your PSA for the day

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I was organizing/purging old email today and found an email from my mom, sent last year. I share this with you so that you may learn… Good morning, “did you know” #1 It’s not a good thing to trap a skunk in a rat trap behind jacuzzi equip at 12:30 am (or any other time) […]