03.04.08 | Rambling on about reading

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I would do a book review here (just finished Troublesome Creek), but my head cold has made it to where I cannot breathe. The lack of oxygen to my brain is definitely killing off brain cells, so I will go easy today.

I have always loved reading. During the summer while I was growing up, I would go to the library and come home with piles of books. I would read at least one a day. When I got my first job, all my money was spent at the bookstore. I still love walking into a bookstore. The smell and feel of it instantly makes me feel happy and calm.

I come by this honestly. My dad was also a book lover. He was known to spend many an hour in a book store, and many a night between the pages of his latest find. This affinity for books is also being expressed in our kids. K would read all day if she could (and has on days that we’ll let her). B cannot believe that his older sister is able to read more advanced books than him. He is constantly pushing himself, reading more and more, refusing to accept that some books might be too “hard”. He is currently working through My Brother Sam is Dead – at age 7, because the librarian at school said it was too old for him.

One of our friends from hubby’s work, Kristin, is also an avid reader. (Readers do tend to find other readers, don’t we?) She will often send books home for K, bless her. She sent home Pinocchio last week to see what she thinks. I had never read it, so I read it over the weekend. Wow. On the one hand, it is a good book with good moral lessons. On the other hand, I want to smack that puppet upside the head. I can still hear his whiny little voice in my head… I can’t wait to hear what K thinks, coming from a kid’s perspective.

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