03.18.08 | Love a good giveaway?

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The clean plate club is giving away a $50.00 gift card to Williams-Sonoma!!! Who wouldn’t love that? I drool over every single one of their catalogs. New utensils, new baking pans, a new casserole dish… Want in? Run over and enter.

03.15.08 | Link love – March 15

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Well, this link love comes a little late in the day. K’s birthday was this week. We had a slumber party last night and family party today. Needless to say, mama is a little tired. Worth it, thought – a fun time was had by all. With a 7 year old boy in the house, […]

03.14.08 | Bonus link love

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Here is an early link love.  On The Simple Woman, Peggy is doing a giveaway to help with spring cleaning.  Just in time, too.  With all the sun that is now shining in our windows, I can see how much I need to spruce up!  I love Mrs. Meyers cleaning products – non-toxic, and then […]

03.14.08 | Sweet Bella kitty

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I’ve always been a dog person. My mom is allergic to cats, so we never had one growing up. We did have dogs, though – wonderful, incredible dogs. I couldn’t imagine not having dogs in the family. When Hubby and I were first married, we bought a condo. I didn’t want to get a dog […]

03.08.08 | Yay! It’s a party!

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Over at 5 minutes for mom, it is party time. They are hosting the ultimate blog party. It is a great way to find new blogs, so grab a cup of coffee, ignore the phone, head on over, and surf the day away! For those of you stopping by here for the first time, let […]

03.08.08 | Link Love Time!

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It’s the weekend – time for a little link love. I subscribe to…ahem…just a couple posts through Google Reader. Here are a few posts that caught my attention this week. Over at The Daily Saint, there is a post on keeping clear margins on your GTD system. Something I let get out of hand… I […]

03.05.08 | Where are the fish?

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We have a waterfall and pond in our backyard stocked with goldfish and koi.  You will notice from the picture that they seem to be MIA.  They have a cave they can go into, but they have never all been in there for hours.  We called our local fish store, and they said we might […]

03.03.08 | This week’s agenda

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Well, folks, this is the week I knuckle down and focus. I want to post here regularly, following some semblance of a schedule – Monday menus and the week’s plan, Tuesday books and/or craft projects, Thursday random thoughts, Friday a highlight from the week, and Saturday a little link love. Given that I am now […]

03.03.08 | *Whine*

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Well, I thought we were done with sickness here.  I was wrong.  Cue the violins.  It’s time for a pity party.  Just me, my throat coat tea, and Coldeeze.  Sheesh.

02.27.08 | Oranges

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One of the Christmas traditions in my family was that you got an orange (and an apple) in your stocking.  It is actually one of the things I looked forward to each year.  I love oranges. They have been on sale lately.  So I have have been buying them by the 10-pound bag full.  Did […]