03.14.08 | Sweet Bella kitty

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I’ve always been a dog person. My mom is allergic to cats, so we never had one growing up. We did have dogs, though – wonderful, incredible dogs. I couldn’t imagine not having dogs in the family.

When Hubby and I were first married, we bought a condo. I didn’t want to get a dog yet, since we both worked and had no real yard. Hubby had grown up with cats, and suggested we get a kitten. I had never considered having a cat, because I had always been a dog person.

Off we went to the humane society, and, faster than you can say “Kitty!!!”, our family had grown. We brought Mocha home, and I learned about cats. Mocha (who is still with us today) was, and is, what I consider a “typical” cat. He pretty much keeps to himself, only really making his presence known, quite vocally, when it is time to eat (don’t ask me how animals can tell time, but they can).

Now, 14 years later, we have 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats, a rat, and a pond full of fish. Through all the animals, I still would say I am a dog person. I’m starting to change my mind, though.


This is Bella, our other cat.  We brought her home in December of 2002.  She is probably about 14 years old now.  If you can’t tell from the picture, she is sitting on my lap while I work on the computer.  I end up on the computer for some reason or another every day.  When I do, I always have a visitor.  It’s nice.  Very nice.  I don’t know, maybe I’m turning into a cat person…

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