02.26.08 | A little experiment

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I have seen Teeccino herbal coffee at my local health food store, and I’m curious.  I love the taste and smell of coffee, be it from my kitchen or from the local coffee shop.  Herbal coffee?  Hmm…  Well, I finally could not stand it any longer.  I bought a can and tried it.  Verdict?  I […]

02.25.08 | Let’s get caught up, shall we?

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Hmm…  It’s been quiet around here, huh?  Sorry about that.  No good excuse.  We’ve all been sick, though we are all better now, for the most part.  I have a bunch of half-written posts waiting.  Get ready…here they come.

01.28.08 | Another Yummy Recipe

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I made muffins for the kids last week. I had some canned pumpkin left from the holiday stockpile, so came up with this. It’s a basic muffin recipe with pumpkin added, topped with cinnamon sugar. They were a hit! Pumpkin Muffins 1 cup sugar 1/2 cup butter 2 eggs 16 oz. pumpkin 1/4 cup milk […]

01.11.08 | Here’s to a wonderful year

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Happy New Year!! Oh, wait…I guess I’m a little late. Hmm..I’m going to have to work on that. Bear with me. I always have mixed emotions at the turn of the year. Where did the time go? Why do I still have so much left to do? Where did that wrinkle come from? On the […]

12.31.07 | This is a test…

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This is a test to make sure I know what I am doing.  Don’t mind me.  There is no enlightenment to be had here.  Go on about your day.  I’ll be back soon…