03.11.08 | Another week, another adventure

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I know I should be writing a book review today, but there has been a change in plans.  I will write the book review on Friday (Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss) and do the week’s highlight today.  I had thought the week’s highlight would be about K’s birthday (which is tomorrow), but hubby had other plans…

Hubby was working on Sunday, grinding down some metal brackets for mounting some computers (isn’t that what everyone does on Sunday after church, in their church clothes?).  At one point, I went out and asked if he was going to put on some goggles.  He told me that he didn’t need to, because he was wearing his sunglasses (notice the foreshadowing?).

On his way home from work yesterday, he called and said his eyes had been bugging him since about lunch.  He was worried it was an infection, secondary to the lovely cold/flu/WHATEVER that we have all had.  He had been in meetings all day and was concerned he had infected who knows how many people with his hand shakes.  I called our ophthalmologist and got him in first thing this morning.

This morning, our assumption was he would go to the doctor on his way to work.  He called me after the appointment to tell me he was not on his way to work, that he was instead on his way to another doctor’s office – a corneal surgeon.  It turns out he got metal fragments in both eyes Sunday.  Our ophthalmologist was able to get one out, but the other one was embedded and needed to be surgically removed.

Long story short, he is home with very sore eyes, starting on a 4 day course of antibiotics.  Moral of the story – wear goggles.  Please.

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