01.15.08 | Your PSA for the day

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I was organizing/purging old email today and found an email from my mom, sent last year. I share this with you so that you may learn…

Good morning,
“did you know”
#1 It’s not a good thing to trap a skunk in a rat trap behind jacuzzi equip at 12:30 am (or any other time)
#2 It’s not good for a dog and a grama to try to release him.
#3 It’s not good thing to be within 2 feet and both get ‘sprayed’ – yes with ‘the’ special oil and we’re not talking the good massage stuff!!
#4 it’s not a good thing for the dog to go into the house while the grama is still trying to chase an injured skunk with a rat trap on his foot!!
#5 It’s not a good thing that your cleaning lady is coming at 7 am the next morning because of all the explaining!
#6 The effective bath treatment is a bottle of peroxide and baking soda and 1 tsp of liq detergent. (Thanks to Mr. Google)

#7 You have to bathe in this for 10 minutes. (Dog in the sink, grama in the tub)
Of course these notes are for reference only and do not reflect any grama or any dog that you are affiliated with!

In other words: don’t let this happen to you.
It’s in my pores. They’re going to think my new musk perfume is a little eccentric.
I love you,

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